Slightly deranged

March 2018
This is my personnal blog.
August 2012
The Saint Jean Cathedral of Lyon rendered in real time in your browser, courtesy of WebGL.
August 2012
WebGL is the new GL trend for the web that allows you to display advanced 3D directly in your browser.
It's currently only supported by a limited amount of browsers, find out if your browser is strong enough !
November 2013
This is where I store my random web projects, not necessarily rendering-related.
February 2012
Is it a framework ? Is it a plug-in for Unity or is it a standalone SDK to make great clouds ?
February 2012
Wakapon is my personnal wiki where I sometimes write about rendering techniques and also various knowledge I would consider important.
The wiki is not maintained anymore. Use the blog instead.
4K Nerveux
May 2011
4K Nerveux is a tiny 4 kilobytes program I wrote for demonstration purpose.
October 2009
O3D was the ancestor of WebGL. It is not supported anymore by Google who decided to rather focus on WebGL but you can still access my old experiments with that API.

Revision 2013 Talk

Retrieve my presentation from the Revision 2013 Demo Party here.
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