Linear Least-Squares Data-Fitting Utility

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Super useful but a real pain to use so I rewrote the UI part! ^^

This page contains a linear least-squares data-fitting utility.
The function to be fit to the data is a polynomial expression of degree four or less.

Enter your input points below. You can use any standard separator character (space, comma, carriage return, tabs, etc.).

Specify the degree of the polynomial to be fit to the data.


Author:   Stephen Nash,   George Mason University
From the book "Numerical Methods and Software" by
D. Kahaner, C. Moler, and S. Nash
Prentice Hall, 1988

Dongarra, J. J.;   J.R. Bunch;   C.B. Moler;   and G.W. Stewart.
          "LINPACK User's Guide"
          SIAM, Philadelphia

The utility posted on this page is based on the program SQRLS written by Stephen Nash. SQRLS is a top-level program that controls several sub-routines from the LINPACK collection. The original programs were written in FORTRAN and have been translated to Javascript here. Although all care has been taken to ensure that the sub-routines were translated accurately, some errors may have crept into the translation. These errors are mine; the original FORTRAN routines have been thoroughly tested and work properly. Please report any errors to the webmaster.